Building a Resilient Business

Working from home……….

Working from home can either be fabulous – or hell. I worked from a home office for the first 10 or so years of business

Countering the Corona Effect

Job Keeper – Are my employees Eligible?

There are a number of factors to consider with working out which employees (if any) are suitable for this payment.  This is a list of

Countering the Corona Effect

The Down-Low on Job Keeper Payments

The Job keeper payment is one of the latest grants provided by the Government to support small business and encourage the continued employment of staff

Employees on Jobmaker
Building a Resilient Business

Think your way into innovation #1

Do you feel like you and your business have been hit with a brick and it’s looking terminal?  Before you press the stop button work

Looking Forward for Small Business

What is changing in the trades sector?

Tradies are often early adopters of available technology such as the mobile phone.  It is expected that over time (as has already been the case)

Self Managed Super Funds

When a great financial planner is not enough!

Retiring can be a very vulnerable time.  You might have investments, money in the bank and even a home.  Your superannuation, however, needs tender care