Warning! Is your ATO Pre-fill missing income?

The ATO has just brought in new data checking rules – if your PAYG Summary hasn’t appeared on the pre-fill – there is now an EXTRA STEP you need to do to avoid an audit later.

Louise Bloomfield FIPA FNTAA Registered Tax agent

You are likely starting to know the drill – you can peer at your ATO tax status on MyGov and all of your PAYG Summaries, Interest and dividend income – they all pop in there like magic. Of course some times -things go missing such as an employer forgets to lodge your PAYG summary – or they give you a hand written one.

It was always expected that you would therefore put in the missing information yourself and complete your tax return.


The ATO has taken the position that if they don’t have it on the prefill – it will be deleted off the return and trigger an audit.

What you NOW need to do – is email your evidence directly to the data-matching team at the time of lodgement so you can head off any audit process.

This also includes missing Health Insurance reports (how many times have you seen that the health insurance reports on one partner’s pre-fill but not the other?), interest, dividends and Medicare exemption certification.

The ATO has informed us that they are examining 2019, 2020 and 2021 tax returns in this manner – so expect that audits may be coming your way this year.

Get ready, find those bits of non-prefill data again and get them scanned and sent to the ATO. – Your tax agent can help in this regard if needed.