Revise your COVID-19 Safety Plan for 15th December NOW

We are all keenly aware that ‘everything changes’ on the 15th of December 2021. The borders open and the chances of COVID infected people coming into your work place increases. The problem with that is you need to go follow your COVID plan to ensure your clients, staff and business are correctly taken care of.

For starters there is the possibility if you haven’t properly ensured COVID standards of operations with cleanliness a COVID infected employee may have the right to sue you for compensation. Long COVID has the potential to be expensive for us all on many levels.

What to do? Each state is different – and in this blog I am addressing what is recommended in Tasmania.

WorkSafe Tasmania is a great resource for this and they have templates for either revising or starting afresh your COVID-19 Safety plan.

We found the template checklist here to be a great place to start – its quite thorough and involved.


  • COVID-19 Safety Plans must be in writing. The checklist above helps you work out what you need to document. Our experience is that this document can end up being fairly long and can take significant time to construct so please do not delay.
  • For each YES reponse on the above checklist you need to demonstrate that the control has been implemented if asked by a WorkSafe Tasmania Inspector.

Interesting to note that Inspectors exist who can audit your firm to ensure you are compliant with all COVID-19 Legislation. This includes ensuring you have appropriately trained your staff, kept a hygenic workplace and worked out how many people can legally access your workplace at a time.

WorkSafe Tasmania can be contacted on 1300 366 322 if you have questions regarding the legal expectations for your business.