NO 30% drop yet? Still consider enrolling before 31st May!

Just because you failed the 30% drop test for March, April and even May 2020 – STILL CONSIDER ENROLING.

Enrolling for Job Keeper means you maintain the right to keep testing for the 30% drop each calendar month right up to September 2020.

Enroling before May 31st means if you go over your figures and find you did actually have a drop in March or April and missed it – you can still go back and claim the April payment.  After the 31st May you can only claim June onwards.

If in any month between March to September 2020 you do find yourself meeting the Job Keeper Eligibility Tests from that calendar month you can make a Job Keeper claim for the $1,500 per fortnight for all eligible employees and associated person.

The danger is that you run into a 30% drop later on which you could not foretell.  If you are not enrolled you have no ability to start claiming.

You do however have to apply with a reasonable guestimate of WHEN you MAY have a 30% drop.  You can choose any month up to September for this.

The month that you find you have met the 30% income drop test you need to examine your firm for eligible employees and ensure that by the end of that calendar they have been paid a gross of $3000 for that calendar month.  If you use Single Touch Payroll you will need to set it up for job keeper.

Enrolment for Job Keeper does not imply you will need to make a claim.  It merely ensures that you can make a claim if you need to at any time up until September 2020.