How we support people considering self employment

As an accountant I am regularly approached by people wanted to start a small business. We approach the conversation quite differently.

Here are some of the things we do and don’t do:

  • We listen to YOU. We take what ever time it takes to hear our your dreams and ideas. We need to know about your back ground, both work and educational experiences. We need to know about what resources you already have such as savings, tool kits and recipes or patents. We generally do not charge you for this, rather I see it as an investment in you, the client.
  • We educate you in what tax compliance means and give you support in addressing it. For instance we might set you up on an accounting package or excel spreadsheet and train you how to use it. We also walk you through tax deductions, BAS, wage and superannuation requirements as needed.
  • We are not going to lecture you on how hard the journey is- rather we focus on how you address the pitfalls. We admire you for having a go at something challenging – and will do our level best to supply you with the support, education and resources to ensure best outcomes.
  • We don’t judge you on your choices present and past but encourage decisions that support you well into the future. Everyone approaches life differently and we are flexible enough to handle this easily.
  • We cannot support tax avoidance, cash economy and ‘get rich schemes’
  • We are available you need us, appointments are generally not necessary and drop ins are welcome when you have that tough question or situation. We are even available on facebook for that ‘small question’
  • We don’t force you into prepaying for work to be done. We always bill as we go, the bills are mostly based on an hourly rate (Except for a few things like BAS lodgements which are a flat fee)
  • When possible we do also attempt to keep abreast of the COVID grants, job keeper and associated legal changes, supporting our clients through that process including where possible letting our client base know when something pops up that might suit their situation.
  • At the end of the day, a strong small business client is a great client for an accounting firm. We have evolved our firm around ensuring that our clients get the best chance at functioning in what is fast become a difficult world.
  • Your success is important to us.