Grants for Business Advice

The State Government recently released another Grant which pays up to $1500 for the following kind of advice and support for your small business:

  • Advice, support, counselling, and the development of strategies to address financial/operational difficulties being experienced by the applicant.
  • The development of risk management strategies.
  • Strategic analysis.
  • Advice and analysis regarding the management of cash flow, preparation of cash flow budgets and projections.
  • Profitability analysis.
  • The formulation of financial/operational strategies to assist businesses address the impact of COVID-19.
  • The development of business plans and governance frameworks.
  • Advice regarding the management of debts and liabilities.
  • Advice on pivoting, diversification, product innovation, marketing or online presence.

Businesses that eligible to apply for this support must meet the following criteria:

  • Be registered tax purposes in Australia with an active ABN on or before 1 July 2021.
  • Be a small business located in Tasmania with no more than 19 full time equivalent (FTE)* employees.
  • Be an operating majority-owned Tasmanian business.
  • Be able to demonstrate an annual turnover** of more than $25 000 per annum or provide evidence to show that a minimum of $25 000 per annum turnover is likely within the next two years. Please note applicants may be asked to provide evidence of this as part of any audit process.
  • Be registered (if required) and actively using the Check in TAS App or register at the time of submitting an application.

For more information please click on the following link: