COVID19 style tax returns

COVID 19 has altered the way all of us need to do our tax returns.


Social distancing legislation whilst being wound back is still a factor to consider when interacting with any business – especially when you consider we may well be about to experience the dreaded ‘second wave’ of infections.  Our firm has invested heavily in a number of resources which make interaction with you far safer.



    • Our office may be small but all work station set ups have naturally ensured a minimum of 1.5m between staff as well as clients.
    • Sanitiser dispensors are displayed on every desk and table top throughout the premises.
    • Staff have regularly undergone COVID 19 testing to ensure we are always infection free.
    • The offices are regularly cleansed with disinfectant to minimise any contagion issues.


We have significantly upgraded resources meaning we can handle your data in a more COVID 19 friendly format:


    • With the exception of ASIC and SMSF forms we have an upgraded portal system that allows clients to digitally sign from their mobile phones/laptops  rather than handling paper and pen by hand.
    • We have prepared a number of in depth checklists to support the interview process – you if you don’t feel comfortable doing it in person we can handle the job via email/zoom and phone calls.
    • To ensure you don’t miss a deadline all existing clients are contacted as the various dates approach – including for job keeper, BAS and general tax return lodgements.
    • An online booking system now exists whereby a phone or in person consultation can be booked  (just let us know on the booking what you prefer)
    • We are available via email, facebook, and landline and welcome your questions.