What is changing in the trades sector?

Tradies are often early adopters of available technology such as the mobile phone.  It is expected that over time (as has already been the case) the tradesman will become more efficient at their tasks and projects.

What will change?

  • There is expected to be a higher demand for most trades, especially electricians.  It is highly likely that tradespeople will find themselves specializing in one area of their trade only.
  • Tools will be redesigned and digitized (smart tools)
  • New technology will birth entirely new forms of trades people – such as smart agriculture
  • A number of tasks typically performed by tradespeople will be automated but it’s impact is limited to repetitive tasks that are performed in a single place (such as a saw mill)

What won’t change?

  • Trades are always going to be a strong employer – too many variables mean the human element cannot be removed.  Things also break and need repairing.

What can you do?

  • Ensure you are using the technology already available well so you are not left behind.  For example are you really using your smart phone like you could be?
  • Ensure you have a presence on the internet with a website and are readily creating a reputation online for your skills.
  • As new technologies emerge make an effort to learn and adopt so you stay ahead of the pack. (For example solar panel batteries, smart buildings)
  • Ensure you maintain your skills and keep up to date with emerging products and services – including software and hardware.